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Brett has single-handedly developed the Association for Social Research Interviewers, ASRI, Web site, membership database, forum site and Zoom meeting platform.

He is a very capable web master with superior IT skills, great problem-solving abilities and superb communication with our membership.

Erik Falck


I have known Brett for over four years and most closely with Care Success.

Brett has worked diligently throughout the time I have known him, and he can adapt quickly to the demands of a changing role.

He created training videos at relatively short notice and evidenced the message to be shared very clearly within his work.

Brett is highly professional when working with client confidentiality and was supportive of other colleagues in helping them use technology.

Working remotely was the norm for all of us, and Brett was quick to use initiative in areas he was less familiar with, such as sales. He is adept at communicating at all levels and adjusting the way he works to suit his environment.

Beverly Hopper
Training and Implementation manager at Care Success


An example of a website created for another client who I trained to update her content by adding text and images and also provide ongoing support as needed.