Helping the Care Industry go Paperless


A Care Management System that is Flexible and Bespoke tailored to suite your business needs with in-built document creation.

CareSuccess, Empowering Care Providers go Green by going Digital

Even more important now for the care industry since the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak

Going digital means less paperwork – no hands touching folders – reducing the spread of infections.
Not only in the clients’ houses but also in your office.

Multiple agencies (with certain restrictions) can use our App on personal smartphones/tablets to access client information.
Such as doctors, nurses, and family.

CareSuccess Ltd

Computer Solutions Now Ltd is working with CareSuccess Ltd.

Using a Fully Integrated Cloud Based Digital Care Management System

Providing Patient Focused Care by enabling Responsive & Continuous Care.

It’s the dawn of a new era with a technology solution created to help alleviate the multitude of demands placed on care providers. Real time reporting and electronic record keeping integrated into multiple solutions form the pathway for Transparency, Better Care and Greater Operational Efficiency.

CareSuccess announces the launch of a home care system that links up rostering (with time sheets, payroll and auto invoicing) together with a series of mobile apps with mobile assessments and eMAR all within one single platform.

Jay Shah, the CEO of CareSuccess, spent time looking after his mum aged 103 and realised that technologies he had developed many years earlier in the USA were not widespread within the UK home care market.

Subsequently, Jay spent 4 years and over £1M developing a solution fit for the 21st Century in loving memory of his beloved mother.

Some of the features include:

1. Mobile Point of Care Monitoring
2. Rostering with Runs and Google Maps with Time Sheets and Auto Invoicing
3. eMAR, e-Rotas and e-Diary
4. Document Management, Form Builders and Mobile Assessments
5. HR Staff portals, records and training matrix
6. Instant two-way messaging in Realtime
7. Reporting suites and bespoke report creation
8. Financial Reports, data exports and CM2 Integration
9. Compliance PIR and Mock Inspection
10. Wellbeing modules – Nutrition, Diet & Mental Wellbeing

New features for Care Objectives and Measuring Outcomes together with Mood Monitoring are now available.

Jay Shah, an experienced programmer, served the Healthcare industry at Board Level from 1984 to 2015. He developed state of the art interoperable systems for 4,000 clients or GP Practices. and developed software that processed 20,000 GP Insurance claims daily.

During this time he employed 110 staff across three continents and developed specialist software programmes for Ophthalmology.

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